Why bitcoin works jimmy song

why bitcoin works jimmy song

Any source is valid, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. He spent some time studying abroad at the. Armory Technologies, Song became the Principal Architect for creating blockchain solutions for institutional entities. Its hard to tell which is the cause and which is the effect, but we can say that this is very much correlated. Fiat Money is Not Yours, one of the most eye opening parts of the book is cryptocurrency traded 24 7 is the discussion of what happened in WWI. Is It Enough to Call Bitcoin SV a Scam? He has been a regular commentator on the World Crypto Network. The fact that Bitcoin has succeeded is beyond dispute.

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In short, Bitcoin works because Bitcoin is why bitcoin works jimmy song sound money. The real issue is guilt by association. What killed most previous mediums as money is technology. While the founder of the bug, Awemany, used his discovery of the bug to launch a scathing and personal attack on Bitcoin, Jimmy Song analysed the bug, how it could be exploited and the game theory behind such an attack. Sound Money Allows for Planning, there are a lot of reasons why sound money is important for society, but the biggest one that I learned from the book is that sound money allows people to plan effectively. Bitcoin has had better uptime than almost anything else and has spawned a pretty large ecosystem of businesses, open source projects and investors. Blockchain Capital, university of Michigan, eOS.

They wont be saving for tomorrow, starting businesses or building large scale projects as they all require a lot of planning. Comments to the video used precisely this flaw to discredit. Inflation Factors in Heavily into Time Preference. Time preferences are critical to how a society functions. The protocol is not at risk. Eventually, it will only be the transactors paying miners to add security. Specifically, people figured out a way to produce a lot of the same medium, inflating the supply to no longer make the medium scarce. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, have a huge why bitcoin works jimmy song financial incentive (especially loss aversion) and expertise to invest in that which has a higher probability of success.

In this regard, Jimmy Song explains that Craig Wright and Calvin why bitcoin works jimmy song Ayre, the two main heads behind the Bitcoin Cash fork, have taken a course of action that does not lend credibility to the project. In 2014, he joined. Whats even more intriguing is the idea that high time preferences bleed into other areas of life. Pictures, videos, biodata, and files relating to Jimmy Song (Bitcoin) are also acceptable encyclopedic sources. A low time preference person is willing to forego things now for something better later.

why bitcoin works jimmy song

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Donate a why bitcoin works jimmy song few minutes to share your feedback: Here, jimmy Song is a developer and. Song has a growing following and as of August 2017, he had 12K followers on and.5K followers. The act of creating more money in Bitcoin also adds to its security through proof-of-work. The difference between this and previous wars was the presence of central banking. One of the most enjoyable parts of the book is the discussion of the various mediums that were used as money in the past. High inflation, or quick reduction of purchasing power of money causes people to have a high time preference. Ethereum has seized coins from people it deems hackers. Expending effort creating money, granted it costs less than the actual value of the money itself, makes all the sense in the world. BSV is cryptographically secured; you dont have to trust Craig Wright to use. Tether has marked certain coins unredeemable. Instead of spending only the money the government has, fiat money allows the government to seize value from all owners of the money through inflation.

He also emphasized that there is no sign of progress or evolution since its all based on the Word of a con artist (Craig Wright). While the actions of Craig and Calvin are not ideal, the project ranks 11th in the global market cap, and its destiny has not yet been written. Obesity and type 2 diabetes, for example, are caused by over-consumption of unhealthy food, which is indicative of a high time preference. Fiat money is generally pretty good at being divisible or transmitting across large distances (exceptions being foreign remittances or micropayments). This book is joining the select books that I reread every couple of years such as Talebs Antifragile. Instead of saving for tomorrow, theyll spend now, consume and not be very productive. If you dont like spoilers, please stop here, read the book and come back. Furthermore, this observation also makes clear the inferiority of proof-of-stake. If you like reading about my take on some of the ideas as a way to evaluate whether you should read the book or not, please continue. After managing the develop of a business friendly Bitcoin wallet for. He mentions that from his point of view it is very probable that both are paying other influencers and developers to support this project, although he clarifies that he cannot prove it since there is no conclusive evidence. Whats less understood is how much goes into creating more money supply in a fiat economy.

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Saifedean argues in the book that monetary policy affects the time preferences of the population quite a bit. Bitcoin is unseizable and requires the private key(s) to confiscate. In a sense, the entire network is paying miners to add security. As they say, Rome wasnt built in a day. Effort will be expended to create more money supply, we just dont know what form that will take as the work has no proof that it was done. Everipedia is getting a makeover!

Despite the merits of Jimmy Songs arguments, comparing his Livestream with the debate held in front of Craig Wright, it seems that he failed to attack the project and took the easy way by attacking the people behind. Furthermore, the successful entrepreneurs get more reward allowing them to invest more in large capital projects creating better and better investments with time. Sound money allows for capital accumulation which allows for investment, leading to better goods and services for less effort. Interview location: Skype, interview date: Monday 1st October 2018. Instead of a large number of rent seekers, we instead get entrepreneurs. Bitcoin is nothing less than a complete upheaval of the current fiat system with large second and third order effects that incentivize building instead of rent-seeking. Were not there yet, but this is the main value proposition. Welcome to the revolution. Its anything but a secure protocol. Craig has managed to get media attention because of his claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, but he has never been able to prove. This week I caught up with Jimmy to discuss his findings, and also: State level attacks, mining centralisation 51 attack game theory, why proof of work needs to be expensive.

Perhaps most tellingly, Bitcoin has also spawned a large number of imitators that compete against. Bitcoin has lasted 9 years. The money medium has value so getting more of it for less than its value is a no-brainer. This is public information. The quick and slippery slope to tyranny starting from terrorists to marijuana dispensaries to pornographers to political opponents is an exercise left to the reader. Reason 3: The behavior of Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre Is Peculiar. If you look at their GitHub, Theyve done nothing in the past two months They are not really trying to fix anything They apparently have some sort of private development They are not into open source. Where are the victims? Inflation is not the only way fiat money can be seized. Bitcoins main benefit to society can be understood as bringing back sound money. The only way to make it difficult to change history is to make the process of writing the current history very expensive. NChain is focused on creating a microservices-based mining node which will process orders of magnitude more transactions than the current node software.

Why, bitcoin, will Be the

We know that why bitcoin works jimmy song Bitcoin has value, but what gives Bitcoin value? In a sense, creating more money supply in Bitcoin is not wasted like it is in any other monetary system. These questions and more are answered in Saifedean Ammouss new book. In the real world this verges on libel. 3) Craig and Calvin used their own money in support of SV and you would like us to view that with suspicion? For Jimmy Song, the little (if any) activity around Bitcoin SV demonstrates that it is practically an instrument for speculation and not a crypto focused on offering its users functional solutions to real problems.

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Saifedean argues that a large part of the banking sector is essentially engaged in money creation activities. Adding to the supply of money doesnt actually help anything, just redistributes the wealth to those creating more of the supply from those that save. The crypto does not seem to evolve or involve the community in its development. That by itself should make you very hesitant about Bitcoin. We know the mechanics of how Bitcoin works, but why does Bitcoin work? Following that same viewpoint, on the live stream, Song addressed his followers saying that. With Bitcoin, you have an iron-clad monetary policy. Whats more, these dont actually add to the productive capacity of an economy. Whats very different about Bitcoin is that the money is not controlled by a central party. The sharp reader may be wondering why you wouldnt just fund that centrally and get the same benefits.

Whether Craig Wright is reliable or not, does not mean that the Bitcoin SV project is reliable or not. Building civilization with all the systems and large capital projects require lots of people that have a low time preference. These include wampums, rai stones and of course, precious metals. The thoroughly researched and logical explanations of what makes money useful why bitcoin works jimmy song were very insightful and the second and third order effects of monetary policy were well explained. He uses only social signaling, he doesnt provide any proof of anything, and the guy has been a con artist for a very long time. Specifically, fiat money allows central banks to inflate currency and that essentially takes value away from the owners of the currency without their consent. Bitcoins equivalent, of course, is proof-of-work mining. Indeed, obesity has tripled worldwide in the last 40 years. A high time preference person wants things now or as soon as possible. For the majority of his career, Song worked as a software developer for a wide array of companies in different fields including entertainment, healthcare, e-commerce, etc. What started as a small war between Serbian separatists and the Austro-Hungarian empire became a global war that exhausted the coffers of nearly every country involved in the war. In January 2018, Song joined as a Venture Partner.

Monetas where he led the development of bitcoin integration with open transactions for almost a year. To point 1: CSW is a known scammer in the BTC echo chamber. At some point I expect them to release a full node software or something like that that is straight up malware. Effort Will Always Go Into Increasing Money Supply. In addition, he runs Programming Blockchain, a for-profit company that's training students all around the world in blockchain programming and development techniques. Recently, Wikileaks called Wright a Serial Fabricator, explaining several tactics used by Craig to try to trick users with little technical knowledge, such as signing with public keys or altering old posts in blogs and forums: He (Craig). With that out of the way, lets take a look at some of the really powerful ideas from the book itself. All information for Jimmy Song (Bitcoin s wiki comes from the below links. Alongside process, it is also important to not just analyse the potential damage a bug can cause but also the game theory behind an attack. In this article, Im not going to review the book exactly, but explore some of the powerful ideas that are presented in the book as a way to answer why Bitcoin works. The behavior we would expect out of the people that own Bitcoin is that of people with a low time preference given the low inflation. Furthermore, that effort will not add security to the network in any way and the work really will be wasted.

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Full video available in the link below. You have literally not made one single substantiated claim in this whole video. In what universe is put your money where your mouth is considered bad? Whats not obvious is why Bitcoin works or has value in the first place. Jimmy Song : Well, so the way I define Bitcoin Maximalism is that money has a tendency to be winner take all, and. Jimmy Song : Right. Laura Shin: It could be something where people are staking their reputations to honestly report on the outcome of an event, so why do you think that wont work? Jimmy Song has always been a credible source of Bitcoin information for. Why are Blockchain engineers in such high demand? An immutable, provable auditable ledger turns out. Special thanks to Jimmy Song! Follow Jimmy on twitter @jimmysong and read more of his work on his medium page.

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