Forex coupon pool result

forex coupon pool result

Payments for the policy are called premiums. Stock Often used as an alternative word for share, especially in the. Top of page V value of new business (VNB) A measure of the value created by writing new business. Listed companies must report such information to the stock exchange. Market The place where transactions take place in a particular type of commodity, such as a stock exchange. Pension A regular sum of money paid to a person when they retire. Limited liability A legal arrangement where the owners of a business have limited responsibility for debts, usually restricted to the amount they have invested in shares or some other specified figure. Unitised with-profit A unitised investment contract where the unit price increases daily in line with a declared bonus rate. Rights issue An invitation from a company to their existing shareholders to buy new shares, usually for less than the prevailing share price, to raise additional capital.

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Buy-to-let The purchase of a residential property to rent out for investment purposes. Winding up See liquidation. Public sector borrowing requirement (psbr) In the UK, the annual budget deficit of the public sector as a whole - in other words, the amount of public funding that has to be borrowed in any financial year. This is expressed as a yearly rate, although in practice is usually paid monthly. Strengthen capacity and resilience of health systems and countries to mitigate and manage disasters. Commission Delegated Regulation The Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/35 supplementing Directive 2009/138/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the taking up and pursuit of the business of Insurance and Reinsurance (Solvency II) (the Delegated Acts). Contracted in Refers to an arrangement in the UK where people contribute to the state earnings-related pension scheme (Serps) by paying the full rate of national insurance. Growth fund An investment fund whose aim is to achieve capital gains, rather than income, by investing in growth stocks. Bottom up An investment strategy in which companies forex coupon pool result are considered on their own merit, without regard for industry trends or economic conditions. Top of page F fair market value The price that a reasonable buyer would be willing to pay and a reasonable seller would be willing to accept for a product on the open market. Symbol Unique abbreviations used to identify different companies traded on a stock exchange.

CEO Abbreviation for chief executive officer. American equivalent of a building society. It involves buying securities or products at a given price in one country, currency or market and selling in another at a higher price. A key measure of national economic health. As part of this role it sets the official interest rate. Financial Reporting Council Guidance on Internal Control The Guidance on Risk Management, Internal Control and Related Financial and Business Reporting sets out best practice on risk management and internal controls for UK listed companies, and provides additional guidance.

forex coupon pool result

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Negative equity Where the money owed on a mortgage is greater than the value of the property. See also double-entry bookkeeping. Not to be confused with the ifrs measure of cash flow as reported in the Annual Report and Accounts. American Depositary Receipt (ADR). Introduced in 1987 but no longer sold. An accounting action sometimes used to reflect the effect of depreciation on the book value of an asset. Its key responsibilities are delivering monetary stability and price stability. As of February 2015, the major players in the lotteries industry include: -Tatts Group Limited, which operates under the "Tatts" brand in Victoria, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory. Yellow Book Another name for a London Stock Exchange publication, Admission of Securities to Listing, which sets out the rules for companies that wish to be"d on the exchange. The Lott is the mark of trust that unites Tatts Groups Australian lottery brands including Tatts, NSW Lotteries, Golden Casket and SA Lotteries under one banner. Stocks are often grouped into sectors, such as banks, beverages, construction, engineering, food, healthcare, insurance, leisure, media, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, real estate, technology, transport and utilities. Most major financial centres - examples include London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo - have their own stock exchange with a centralised dealing system and strict operating rules and regulations. The value of the units and the return from them can fluctuate in line with the investment performance of the assets in the fund, and there is no guarantee on the amount of capital that will be returned.

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A bear market is a period of falling share prices. Ftse Small Cap Contains ftse All-Share companies that are too small to qualify for the ftse 350. Public company A company whose shares are available to members of the public. Withholding tax Tax deducted from dividends paid in some countries to non-residents. Top of page N Nafta North American Free Trade Agreement. Surrender values will depend on premiums paid and time elapsed. Solvency II cover ratio (Shareholder view) Own funds divided by the Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR as calculated on a shareholder view. Outsourcing An arrangement of any form between an insurance or reinsurance undertaking and a service provider, whether a supervised entity or not, by which that service provider performs a process, a service or an activity, whether directly or by sub-outsourcing. Extraordinary itemsGains and losses in a company's accounts resulting from one-off or unusual events. Stockbroker Person or firm that arranges the buying and selling of shares and other securities. This arises where assets are earmarked or allocated to meeting specific liabilities to the exclusion of other liabilities or losses.

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A bull market is a period of rising share prices. National debt The central government debt. No future premiums or surrender risk) and are well matched to assets that are intended to be held to maturity and have cash flows that are also relatively fixed. Derivative sA derivative is a contract whose value is a function of some other instrument (known as the underlying). Lotteries operators are licensed at a state or territory level, and include both state government-owned and private sector companies. Recession A period of general economic decline. The shares are compensation for the loss of membership.

forex coupon pool result

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A COR below 100 indicates forex coupon pool result profitable underwriting. EEV reports the value of business written based on a set of realistic assumptions, allowing for the impact of uncertainty in future investment returns, and so is designed to provide a more accurate reflection of the performance of long-term savings business. Solvency II Own Funds impact of new business The change in own funds resulting from new business written in the period. Monetary policy enables a government to affect the amount of money spent by consumers and businesses. Generally suitable for small companies with simple financial statements. Interest-only mortgage Home loan where the borrower pays back only the interest until the end of the loan period, at which time the original sum borrowed also needs to be repaid.

forex coupon pool result

Ethical investments Funds that invest in companies that are environmentally friendly or are not connected with the tobacco, alcohol or arms industries. The market is known as the gilt market. Also known as a "message board" or "investors' forum". An open-ended investment fund similar to an Oeic in the UK, structured as a legally independent joint stock company. This Directive lays down rules concerning the following: (1) the taking-up and pursuit, within the Community, of the self- employed activities of direct insurance and reinsurance; (2) the supervision of insurance and reinsurance groups; (3) the reorganisation and winding-up of direct insurance undertakings. This risk is an extra factor for investors to consider. Shareholders funds Shareholders' funds represent the assets that remain once all a company's liabilities have been accounted for. Credit default swap (CDS) A tradable financial instrument which insures against payment default.

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Expected profit included in future premium (epifp) The expected present value of future cash flows which result from the inclusion in technical provisions of premiums relating to existing insurance and reinsurance contracts that are expected. Big Four In the UK, a name traditionally used to describe the four largest high street banks: hsbc, Lloyds, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland. NSW Lotteries runs some of its lotteries itself and syndicates a number of others run by interstate lottery organisations. Equity release Equity release mortgages allow a homeowner to receive a lump sum in return for a mortgage secured on their house. Public utility See utility. Firms may use their own internal model, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (eiopa) prescribed standard formula or a partial internal model to determine SCR. Top of page T takeover bid Where one company bids for the shares of another and seeks to persuade the shareholders of the target company to accept the offer. It can also be a termination condition of a reinsurance contract that the reinsurer remains liable for losses after the contract ends until policies in force at the time have been "run off either for a specified period or until they have expired. Figures may be given as gross profit, net profit before tax, net profit after tax, and earnings. High yield Equities or bonds that offer a high rate of return on your investment are said to be high yield. Before Big Bang, the only people allowed to make a market in company shares were called "jobbers who dealt only with agency brokers.

Liffe London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange, where futures and options are traded. Unrealised gains are usually not taxable. Base rate A basic rate of interest set by the Bank of England which determines the cost of borrowing money in the. Own funds eligible to cover the SCR and MCR also reflect any tiering restrictions. Overweight To have a larger proportion of a fund or share portfolio in one type of investment or sector than the market benchmark or average. If the cause is not solely related to time, the effect is described as depreciation. This is a tax efficient form of investment for the retiree. Index An index is the weighted value of a group of securities used to measure the ups and downs of a market, market sector or asset class, and to provide a performance benchmark against which other investments in that category can be measured. Undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (ucits) ucits are pooled investment funds that may be sold across national borders within the European Union. See also European embedded value.

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Operating forex coupon pool result profit The difference between total income/revenue and total running costs/operating expenses from continuing operations. See also takeover bid. Under poor stock market conditions a market value adjustment" (MVA) may be applied to the value of the policy if it is surrendered before the maturity date. Means the same as"d. The APMs should be viewed as complementary to, rather than a substitute for, the figures determined according to other regulatory measures.

Underwriting profit excludes investment income, so is a commonly used method of evaluating the performance of a general insurance company. RNS See regulatory news service. Economies of scale The reduction in cost per unit that results from increased production, achieved through operational efficiencies. Commission Payment made to a salesman, agent or other intermediary, normally in return for selling an insurance or investment policy. Share price indices form the basis for many index-tracking funds. Often"d as an indicator of the relative strength of a currency or the attractiveness of the market in which it is used. Securities General term for financial instruments traded on a stock exchange, such as stocks and shares, and the notes, certificates and bearer warrants that signify ownership of them. Top of page C capital Money invested typically in buildings and machinery. Can cover a range of personal, professional and commercial risks. Extraordinary item A non-recurring event that materially affects a companys finances in a reporting period. Designed to offset the effects of inflation.

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