Bitcoin-qt command line parameters

bitcoin-qt command line parameters

H (donaloconnor) #12159 f3c7062 Use the character based overload for std:string:find (kekimusmaximus) # Move scheduler/threadGroup into common-init instead of per-app (TheBlueMatt) Miscellaneous # b github-merge: Coalesce git fetches (laanwj) #10871 c9a4aa8 Handle getinfo in bitcoin-cli w/ -getinfo. Cpp to take another step towards clarifying internal interfaces (TheBlueMatt) #11824 d9fdac1 Block ActivateBestChain to empty validationinterface queue (TheBlueMatt) # dc2 forex illegal canada Remove unused mempool index (sdaftuar) # a9 Sort mempool by min(feerate, ancestor_feerate) (sdaftuar) #8498 0e3a411 Minimize. When launched with -addresstypelegacy it is unchecked and disabled. In previous versions they were enabled using the -enable-experimental-asm flag when building, but are now the default and no longer deemed experimental. The option to reuse a previous address has now been removed.

Bitcoin Developer Reference - Bitcoin

The walletpassphrase timeout is now clamped to 230 seconds. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions then run the installer (on Windows) or just copy over /Applications/Bitcoin-Qt (on Mac) or bitcoind/bitcoin-qt (on Linux). This means that downgrading after recovering from a backup that includes a segwit address will work. Tiff (Sjors) #11558 68e021e Minimal code changes to allow msvc compilation (sipsorcery) #11284 10bee0d Fix invalid memory access in CScript:operator (guidovranken, ajtowns) #10939 a1f7f18 init Check non-emptiness of -blocknotify command prior to executing (practicalswift) # d Fix typos. It controls what kind of addresses are produced by getnewaddress, getaccountaddress, and createmultisigaddress. Public keys should be used instead. For existing nodes (where the data directory already exists wallets will be stored in the data directory root by default. The -usehd option has been removed.

Downgrading warning, wallets created.16 and later are not compatible bitcoin-qt command line parameters with versions prior.16 and will not work if you try to use newly created wallets in older versions. A checkbox has been added to the GUI to select whether a Bech32 address or P2SH-wrapped address should be generated when using segwit addresses. Use nullptr instead of null (practicalswift) #11834 5bea05b verify-commits Fix s echoing for commits with n (TheBlueMatt) #11830 a13e443 : Use python not python2 (hkjn) #12194 7abb0f0 Add change type option to fundrawtransaction (promag) #12269 2ae7cf8 Update defaultAssumeValid to block 506067. If a wallets/ subdirectory already exists in the data directory root, then wallets will be stored in the wallets/ subdirectory by default. 0.16.0 change log Block and transaction handling #10953 aeed345 Combine scriptPubKey and amount as CTxOut in CScriptCheck (jl2012) #11309 93d20a7 Minor cleanups for AcceptToMemoryPool (morcos) #11418 38c201f Add error string for cleanstack script violation (maaku) #11411 339da9c Change SignatureHash. Renamed script for creating json-RPC credentials The share/rpcuser/ script was renamed to share/rpcauth/. The behavior is now: For new installations (where the data directory doesnt already exist wallets will now be stored in a new wallets/ subdirectory inside the data directory by default. Ui (keystrike) #10770 ea729d5 Drop upgrade-cancel callback registration for a generic cancelable (TheBlueMatt) #11156 a3624dd Fix memory leaks in qt/guiutil. However, the current change does not yet include support for connecting to these pruned peers. This script can be used to create rpcauth credentials for a json-RPC user. Previously wallet database files were stored at the top level of the bitcoin data directory. For all single-key addresses with known key (even when wrapped in P2SH or P2WSH the pubkey field will be present. Note that the block database format also changed in version.8.0 and there is no automatic upgrade code from before version.8 to version.15.0 or higher.

Replace-By-Fee by default in GUI, the send screen now uses BIP125 RBF by default, regardless of -walletrbf. Support for segwit in those RPCs will continue to be added in future versions. All segwit keys in the wallet get an implicit redeemscript added, without it being written to the file. Specifically: * A new field iswitness is True for P2wpkh and P2WSH addresses (bc1 addresses but not for P2SH-wrapped segwit addresses (see below). This means that downgrading after creating a segwit address will work, as long as the wallet file is up to date. H to just fcntl. Low-level changes The deprecated RPC getinfo was removed. There is a checkbox to mark the transaction as final.

Bitcoin Core version.16.0 released

An initialblockdownload boolean has been added to the getblockchaininfo RPC to indicate whether the node is currently in IBD or not. This means recovery of an old backup will work, as long as you use new software. Bitcoin Core.16.0 introduces full support for segwit in the wallet and user interfaces. However, developers have come to regard these checks as not reliable enough to act on automatically. The decoderawtransaction and fundrawtransaction RPCs now have optional iswitness parameters to override the heuristic witness checks if necessary. Build: Minimum GCC bumped.8.x. The first time you run version.15.0 or newer, your chainstate database will be converted to a new format, which will take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the speed of your machine.

The SHA256 hashing optimizations for architectures supporting SSE4, which lead to 50 speedups in SHA256 on supported hardware (5 faster synchronization and block validation have now been enabled by default. A new field embedded is present for all script addresses where the script is known and matches something that can be interpreted as a known address. Safe mode is a feature that disables a subset of RPC calls - mostly related to the wallet and sending - automatically in case certain problem conditions with the network are detected. Upgrading directly from.7.x and earlier without re-downloading the blockchain is not supported. Windows XP is not supported. A toggle for unblinding the password fields on the password dialog has been added. New savemempool RPC A new savemempool RPC has been added which allows the current mempool to be saved to disk at any time to avoid it being lost due to crashes / power loss. A new blockhash parameter has been added to the getrawtransaction RPC which allows for a raw transaction to be fetched from a specific block if known, even without -txindex enabled. Even with safe mode disabled, they will still cause warnings in the warnings field of the getneworkinfo RPC and launch the -alertnotify command. In particular, this means that invoking validateaddress on the output of getnewaddress will always report the pubkey, even when the address type is P2SH-P2wpkh. Cpp,h to std threading primitives (tjps) #10493 fbce66a Use range-based for loops (C11) when looping over map elements (practicalswift) #11337 0d7e0a3 Fix code constness in CBlockIndex:GetAncestor overloads (danra) #11516 0e722e8 crypto: Add test cases covering the relevant hmac-SHA256,512 key length boundaries (practicalswift). Data (MeshCollider) #11196 e278f86 Switch memory_cleanse implementation to BoringSSLs to ensure memory clearing even with -lto (maaku) # range-based loops and const qualifications in net. Ametrano fivepiece flack Florian Schmaus gnuser Gregory Maxwell Gregory Sanders Henrik Jonsson Jack Grigg Jacky C James Evans James OBeirne Jan Sarenik Jeff Rade Jeremiah Buddenhagen Jeremy Rubin Jim Posen jjz Joe Harvell Johannes Kanig John Newbery Johnson Lau.

bitcoin-qt command line parameters

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No effort bitcoin-qt command line parameters will be made to support older versions of GCC. The minimum version of the GCC compiler required to compile Bitcoin Core is now.8. Cpp (danra) #11268 31e72b2 macOS remove Growl support, remove unused code (jonasschnelli) #11193 c5c77bd Terminate string *pszExePath after readlink and without using memset (practicalswift) #11508 ffa5159 Fix crash via division by zero assertion (jonasschnelli) # e8c Add upload and. A new address_type parameter has been added to the getnewaddress and addmultisigaddress RPCs to specify which type of address to generate. The validateaddress RPC output has been extended with a few new fields, and support for segwit addresses (both P2SH and Bech32). Full support for native segwit addresses (BIP173 / Bech32) has now been added. The RPC default remains unchanged: to use RBF, launch with -walletrbf1 or use the replaceable argument for individual transactions.

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The RPC supports start and end-height arguments for the rescan, and can be used in bitcoin-qt command line parameters a multiwallet environment to rescan the blockchain at runtime. The RPC getblockchaininfo now includes an errors field. All keypool keys that are seen used in transactions explicitly get their redeemscripts added to the wallet files. Json (Christewart) #11796 4db16ec Functional test naming convention (ajtowns) #12227 b987ca4 test_runner: Readable output if create_ fails (ryanofsky) # b Make TestNodeCLI command optional in send_cli (MarcoFalke) # b30 Rename functional tests (ajtowns) #12264 598a9c4 Fix versionbits warning. The location of the wallets directory can be overridden by specifying a -walletdir path option where path can be an absolute path to a directory or directory symlink. Support for searching by txid has been added, rather than just address and label. Minrelaytxfee is now included in the output of getmempoolinfo Other changed command-line options -debuglogfile file can be used to specify an alternative debug logging file. Bitcoin Core now has more flexibility in where the wallets directory can be located. The addresses field remains present for non-segwit addresses for backward compatibility. Wallet changes, segwit Wallet.

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