Ricegum bitcoin genius

ricegum bitcoin genius

Okay, here we go, Yeet level- Mm-mmm-mm! I mean look at your homie Pewdiepie Pyro: So now he's changed the philosophy of his argument It's not that it happened a couple years ago It's now that it was just a slip-up, a goof And. You know it's just no problem I'm sick of this man All this ghostwriter stuff was allegations, like, there were no proof Pyro: Now here Rice is criticizing iDubbbz for using the weasel word ' L Y' He's. At the start of his video, right, his first main point the first thing he talks about right? This dude is really good friends with RiceGum everyone has known He's been like best friends with RiceGum for a long time These guys both box each other and stuff And his Twitter account ended up getting hacked yesterday, okay? Basically I'm trying to hook it up where my iPad can Have WiFi Yes Guys, I was listening to that music for, like, the past 5 hours, and my headphones, I believe, are out of batteries So, that sucks.

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I'll let you off the hook All right We all do little slip-ups, little goofs, little gaps We've all made mistakes in the past (Shrek has swag 11 coming soon and I mean surely you can't let. And you just gotta give him props for. I just feel dirty, I want to take a shower Guys, I checked my phone It says I'm getting shipped out today! Kong's a savage- oh Haha, he's like 'I wasn't doing anything' I caught your horny-ass, boy We're gonna ignore my horny dog. 1 Cum fac rost de bitcoin repede Ghidul nceptorului n plin bul 1 bitcoin cloud mining SHA-256 1 Ethereum preuzeo primat od Bitcoina u 1 As funciona la cadena de bloques tras el bitcoin 1 How To Buy. Don't look, don't look He shut his laptop Jake: I feel like, it might make things interesting to release it (You know that weird cut off 'uck' laugh? I- I also made a discovery today. Advertise your business withdrawals 1 A Cryptocurrency Without a Blockchain Has Been Built to Outperform Bitcoin 1 Rumour Mill: Is Amazon Going To Accept Bitcoin 1 BTC-es Big Claim Bitcoin Withdrawals to Begin Tomorrow 2 September 2017 1 Bitcoin.

ricegum bitcoin genius

Researching on me Now, he's finding every way possible to hate on me Pyro: Yep, this guy took his time formatting a constructive video on me Better choke him up as RiceGum #1 Fan to devalue all. What're you doing now? I'm out I ricegum bitcoin genius dunno why she said that Ayla: I don't know either Maybe it has to do with the second verse My thoughts on this: They- they- the. Once one person is like 'Yo release the second verse' Another person says it and just like- (Fist pounding palm sounds) We're all a family Let's-let's support each other and like, the decision, please, That, like,. (Laughter) Yo, lemme- I- look, I love Pewdiepie He's hilarious! Now I would agree a threat of rape is very serious and should be taken seriously Especially against Garfield the cat Oh my god Ian what have you done?

God Church Official Lyrics & Meaning (Diss track?)

I gave him the second verse (Laughter) It's dope that I can scream to my best friend across the way He's still waving, wow What's-what is he doing? Idubbbz: *belches* rape is good Like I know I fucked up But like Idubbbz really? Oh god, not again No, I am so awkward I don't know what to say! But like, I kinda learned this from like my favoriter "Even though I'm not moving, but it just happened every once in a while" Ten minutes "I have got your office" "I have got your office now " "Goodbye. Asian Jake Paul: But the thing is, like, this is kinda old news, like I remember I was getting roasted for this from like a year ago Pyro: So if it happens ages ago for you It's. Like, but- but It's not like Rice, bro, you're not my brothers demographic Like, kids under the age of 10?

ricegum bitcoin genius

He's the biggestr He is THE GUY He's like, practically the face of Just put out a video roasting my little brother, bro (Sigh) Bro Like, okay, here's how I feel. It's completely different from me two years ago You know live streaming and someone asking me "am I live" and I'm just like no Pyro: Can you shut up saying two years ago? "Laughs" So he shows a lot of like old live stream clips From like 2 to 3 years ago At this point it's getting annoying man. It's been three years Well, I've been traveling, I have a modeling portfolio Okay And also I have a brand new job Okay, modeling! Ayo, good morning, Logang, what's poppin?! (Excited hype) Ayla: 4th of July stuff that'd be so cool! " I still don't want kids" I'm just gonna have to put one inside of you then " You know like what I just found out today" " When you get plastic surgery. laughs* I'm not bringing up all these old clips to make him look bad Pyro: What kind of anti-insult was that? Cause I've already said sorry to the girl. You How many videos have you made? You're not playing a character, alright? Guys I've already said sorry to the girl.

RiceGum, diss Track VS iDubbbz Content Cop RiceGum

All right, let's work out (Why Don't We music) Back from the gym! I'm gonna continue buying all these nice things I ricegum bitcoin genius mean, that's just what I'm gonna do But like, I'm not delusional, you know I'll take some constructive criticism So now I know that not like everything. Um, alright guys, Um Um Once again, not sure where I am right now I should Woah Woah. Ayla, do you know what's happening this Friday? He could've easily put this at the end of the video At the start of his video, right, his first main point the first thing he talks about right?

How am I supposed to golf it? Outro Music Subs By PogGames and dj khaled another one but primarily poggames / lumilatte. 247Bitcoins is best way to earn bitcoins for free Youll get back 200 monthly of your doubler funds forever! But, I understand why you're disappointed According to, uh, this chart right here, you've gained 180,000 followers in the past six months It's not, I mean that's not that great, bro Like, it's- I can see, it's a slow. Logan Chill bro So, okay, if you are new to the channel- A) Welcome to the Logang This is our family, we are mavericks Bada bing bada boom and B) My brother made a rap song.

Reacting TO Pewdiepie ricegum 'S Roasts ON MY Brother

Jake made a song that is very roast-able Heck, I did it And (mumbling you had your fun Ther's had their fun They got their views by putting my brothers name in the title I did too, we all did. This is so awkward How do it golf it? (Gunshots) That, literally doesn't mean anything Okay, let's watch this PDP: First of all Who the f* is JP? You're irrelevant Because they're irrelevant! Hopped in the shower, get cleaned off, get out of the shower- Ricegum drops his diss track against my brother Yo, there- here's the problem here I love Ricegum. Okay, Okay he's taking the fucking piss now This one? 1 Bitcoin Segwit Inside Part 2 : les adresses P2WSH natives 1 Top 3 mejores páginas de minera de Bitcoin 1 Générez des bitcoins facilement 1 Blockchain Bitcoin und Co Begriffserklärungen eines unbegreiflichen Trends 1 Second Chance Bitcoin Cash Flash Sale sold OUT! So this box isn't big enough for me I thought it was but it's not So I've got two boxes and I have to tape this box on top of this box And it's going. Like, why would he give you that? Ayla: She said you're a better kisser now (Ayla giggles) Ayla: Sorry Jake. Wait ricegum bitcoin genius oh my god I can just flex on her! What are you doing, man?

PDP: I like how he, eh, he's so fat that he straight-up destroyed this jacket PDP: Like, look how it's, hanging This is bullying I try not to talk about people's weight Like that's bullying I don't- I don't. FlashBack When was the last time you got dick? I think this is just like universal People know this Ayla: Uh huh Do you wanna maybe- Ayla: No Demonstra-okay Ayla: Do I wanna demonstrate? Oh my god Alright guys, so, I just woke This is so bright Alright Alright guys, so, I just woke. I'm sorry, I'm sorry Every time you guys see Ayla in real life Can you just go 'Heyla!' Just to make Hey Ayla one word I'd really appreciate it You act like that's never happened before, like. So the purpose of him shipping himself in general Was just to make a good video Me on the other hand- I'm going to be shipping myself, from the post office to California because I just want. Nah but did it feel good though? Ow, my leg Alright Alright Trying to kneel down a little bit Oh! Get it, Kong, yeah, bro! So, to validate making some of these girls uncomfortable straight-up Harassing some of them You go ahead and say it's for that grind that grind I think to be honest your boy Jinx had the same mentality. Man yep rice Oh, alright then (muffled voice getting louder) nigga, nigga, nigga Rice, one Google One Google it took.

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